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Date / MatchOur Tip / OddsResultScore
Aug 4th: VIP Platinum TipClick to Get This Tip!??????
Aug 3rd: VIP Platinum TipOver 2.5 Goals (2.00)2--1
Aug 3rd: VIP Platinum TipAway WIN @ (2.90)Loss0--0
Aug 2nd: VIP Platinum TipAway WIN (2.10)Loss1--1
Aug 1st: VIP Platinum TipOver 2.5 Goals (1.90)3--0
Aug 1st: VIP Platinum TipAway WIN (2.10)Loss1--1
Aug 1st: VIP Ca$h Accumulator TipOver 2.5 Goals (2.00)3--0
Aug 1st: VIP Ca$h Accumulator TipOver 2.5 Goals (1.60) (2 wins from 4)2--1

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Hi there,

Whether you're a conservative speculator, an aggressive sports betting investor, or a seasoned & experienced High Roller - we have a tailored sports investment package to suit your bankroll and your profit goals.

So if you're finally ready to start making regular, consistent & substantial tax-free profits for yourself... either to supplement or even to replace your current income... then you're definitely in the right place today.

Once you sign up to our VIP Platinum Subscription Service, it'll be just like hiring a seasoned team of hand-picked experts to do all the hard work for you. We'll find the specific matches for you to invest in... then we'll tell you exactly what to bet on, and the specific type of bet to deploy.

Armed with this valuable information, you can then place your bet at your preferred online or land-based bookmaker… and lock-in maximum profits for yourself, prior to collecting your winnings. Better still, you can do all that from your PC, laptop or mobile phone.

Making money just doesn’t get any easier.

Our Acclaimed VIP Platinum Subscription Service includes:


Instant Access To Our Winning Tips:
Start receiving tips immediately after joining us.

t2Affordable Service:
Our VIP Platinum Subscription packages start from just €145 (US$162) for 7 days membership. Monthly subscription is also available, together with our VIP Ca$h Accumulator packages, designed for sports investors & high rollers seeking regular & decent size wins/returns.

t2No Hidden Costs:
What you see is what you pay.

t2High Winning Rate:
Our current win rates are over 75% and climbing.

t2Genuine service:
Receive professional tips from our team of expert football gurus.

t2Expert Analysis:
All selections analyzed, approved & cross-verified.

t2Great Value Odds:
Enjoy consistent profits & great value odds. We also publish the odds for all our tips.

t2Prompt Email Notifications:
Selections sent by email at least 3-6 hours before each game.

t2Super Easy To Follow:
It takes less than 2 minutes to place your bet.

t2All The “Hard Work” Done For You:
Don't stress out. Just relax & collect your winnings.

t2No Prior Experience Needed:
Prior betting experience, knowledge or tech / computer skills not  required. 

t2Our Service Works For Everyone:
...and it'll work for you too. Nobody gets left behind.

t2Massive Coverage:
All tips from the major European football leagues and International tournaments.

t2Profit All Year Round:
Tips provided 52 weeks a year, including major competitions.

t2Build A Steady Income:
Start with a low investment and build your bank at your chosen rate.

t2Easy Global Profits:
Subscribe & place your VIP wagers from anywhere in world. All you need is an Internet connection.

t2Choose Your Own Bookmaker:
Use any bookmaker with our tips - online or land-based.

t2Daily tips = Daily Profits:
Receive a minimum of 7-10 football tips each week (typically 1-2 a day) with our VIP Platinum Subscription Service.

t2Low Subscription Rates & High Profits:
Our subscription rates are the most competitive around... and our success rate (and profits) are the highest. That's why we're #1!

t2High Profit Bet Types:
Most selections are Over/Under Goals,  home/away/draw, Double Chance, Both to Score, HT/FT tips & Asian Handicap (AH) tips.

t2VIP Member Zone/Back Office:
Gain instant access to your password-protected VIP Member Zone directly after joining.


t2Celebrity-level VIP Support will be extended to all our valued subscribers & clients:
If you ever need any help or advice, just ask!

t2Subscribe safely & securely online or offline:
Subscribe for instant access to our 7 Day or Monthly VIP Platinum packages or our additional services. Payment methods accepted include PayPal, Skrill, Western Union, bank wire transfer, certified check & Bitcoin.

And just in case you were wondering...

Here's What We Don't Offer:

Free Trials.
“Fixed match" tips.

Fake member testimonials.
Fake Results.

Poor excuses & BS promises.
100% "guaranteed wins" & "zero losses."

Furthermore, there are no follow-up or chaser bets… no doubling & tripling of your stake… no retrieval staking… no contrived Martingale malarkey or any other similar stuff that can wipe out your bank in no time at all.

We bet to win – not to break even or make chump change.

You pay for winning selections – and we deliver winning selections (the vast majority of the time).

All you need to do is collect your winnings.

Here’s the bottom line:

There’s has never been an easier way to profit from football investing!

It doesn’t matter at all if you’re a complete novice that’s never even placed a bet before in your life… or if you’re an experienced seasoned punter who’s tried every other service or “system” imaginable.

Whatever level you’re at right now – whether you want to do this for a living full time, to replace your current income… or just to supplement your job or your retirement, membership of our exclusive VIP Platinum Subscription Service really could take your income to a level you’ve only previously dreamed of – right from day one.

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You don’t have to be a betting wizard, a “human computer” or even a mathematical genius either. Nor do you need to spend months or years on end “learning the ropes”… studying… then trying to laboriously grind your way to the top. Forget all that.

We’ve already done all the hard work for you.

In a nutshell, our VIP Platinum Subscription Service will provide you an unlimited supply of winning selections, day after day.

All you need do is open the email we send you… place your bet/s… and collect your winnings.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

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If you’ve already read our story, then you’ll be aware that we’ve invested a ton of money (and months of research, testing and tweaking) into our acclaimed service… not to mention months of internal testing & validation of our team of expert sports betting Guru’s.

You’re also probably aware of what it typically costs for personalized “sports investment coaching”. It costs a small fortune. What’s more, you could very easily shell out thousands of dollars to attend a typical training course, and even after all that you’d still have to do all the “hard work” yourself.

So look. If you’re deadly serious about being able to invest like a pro… having the opportunity to open up a whole new world of tax-free wealth for yourself and your family to enjoy… and ultimately taking control of your own destiny… then now is the time.

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Your profit partners, 
The Sports Betting Gurus

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“It’s great to finally know that when I place a bet, I’m gonna be collecting my winnings most of the time. The Over 2.5 goals tips are great too… because if the game is live streamed (or on TV) I can watch it and cheer for both teams at the same time. I’ve tried a few tipping services before but yours is by far the best one to date. Thanks guys!”

Felix, Sweden

“Your Asian AH tips have been a godsend. Now I can see why the bookies don’t publicise the Asian markets. It gives the punter too much of an edge over them! Thanks again from Sweden.”

Decide right now that you’re going to let sports betting pay for the luxuries in life that you know you deserve, but can’t afford on your current income. Decide now to become a wealthy, prosperous & wildly successful sports investor with The Sports Betting Gurus.

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